Pork (& Bean) Meatballs with Butternut Squash Soup

Ahh leftovers. It's a love/hate relationship. Sometimes you just want to eat something different. "Maybe I'll let these things sit in the fridge for another few weeks until they are unrecognizable." "Maybe we'll go out instead." No - Don't be defeated! Be inspired! I've mentioned this before: Combine proteins. Mix ground meat with mashed beans [...]

Recipe Contest: Spinach Stuffed Pork

The most exciting thing happened last week: I won a recipe contest! The contest was part of the "Feed Virginia Day of Action", a state-wide initiative by the Governor and First Lady Dorothy McAuliffe to bridge the nutritional divide and make local food more affordable to all Virginian's. To qualify, contestants were required to be [...]

Legume Lovin’: Part 2

I promised an update on my personal legume challenge, and here it is! (And in case you missed Part 1).  Two things stand out to me as I write this post: Weekends can interrupt intentions! Or so it feels like. I can totally relate to my patients who have specific goals around eating healthier and movement, [...]

Legume Lovin’

Last night I made the most delicious, buttery-sweet cinnamon rolls on the planet. Joy the Baker...thank you! My sister-in-law is getting MARRIED and asked if I could make mini-cinnamon rolls for their rehearsal dinner. That was the easiest "yes" of the year. So now I get to practice. I'm sorry in advance for the number [...]

Spicy Roasted Carrot Hummus

If I had to pick one food to have for the rest of my life, it would be ice cream. Did you think it would be something healthy? 🙂 But a close second would be roasted vegetables. No offense to the raw and natural, but roasting transforms them in magical ways. They're more earthy, nutty, [...]